Statement of Intent

Contractual Requirement and Statement of Intent
Offering and promoting Patient Online services by March 2020

Practice contact details

Surgery Name: Custom House Surgery
Address: 16 Freemasons Road, E16 3NA
Telephone: 020 7476 2255

Current online patient services

GP System Supplier - EMIS
GP System Version – Web

Plan to meet GMS / PMS 2019-20 Contractual Requirement for Patient Online Services

This practice currently offers patients’ facilities to book, view, amend, cancel, print appointments and view summary record online.

This practice currently offers the facility for all patients to order online, view and print a list of their repeat prescriptions or medicines and appliances.

This practice currently offers patients facilities to view detailed medical record access, subject to the availability of NHS GP systems and software.

We will publicise and promote our online services to our practice patients through the practice website, practice waiting room leaflets, posters and the Patient Participation Group by March 2020

Our plan to provide further patient coded details is as in the plan below.

1 Write up practice policies and internal staff awareness sessions and send information to the Patient Group Ongoing
2 Prepare promotion and information activities for patients Review any nationally provided supportive material from RCGP/NHS England
Discuss with the Patient Group and confirm plan and information to be provided to patients
3 Commence summary information access for all data coded records for patients in practice - to include summary of problems, coded information from consultations, test results in addition to the information already provided as detailed. Ongoing
4 Continue to publicise online services to patients through practice notice boards, website, practice leaflets and discuss in the Patient Group as needed. Ongoing
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