Test Results

If you have had any investigations performed such as blood or urine tests or X-rays, you can contact the surgery for the results.

We recommend contacting the surgery a few days later for the results of your tests as described below. The best time to contact the surgery for your results is between 12pm & 2pm.

To maintain confidentiality, results are only given to the patient concerned.

The administration staffs are not qualified to interpret results and will only tell you what has been authorised by the doctor. If you wish to discuss your result further, you may need to see or speak to the GP.

It is the responsibility of the patient to contact the practice for their results however doctors often contact patients by phone or SMS if there is a result require urgent action. Lab Tests Online is a good website which tells you how to understand your results.

Typical waiting times for your results to return

Your actual time for your investigations can vary depending on the speed secondary care processes them. However, the average wait times for a result are:

X-rays: 1-2 weeks

Blood tests: 5-7 days

Smear: 4 weeks

MRI: 1-2 weeks

Ultrasound: 1-2 weeks

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